Salesforce Connections Conference in Review


NuAge’s own Rosa Campagna attended Connections in Chicago (in person!) earlier this month and has some big takeaways below…

The Salesforce Community took Chicago by storm this week. It was incredible to put faces to names and meet people in 3D. In true Salesforce fashion, the experience was welcoming and informative for clients, partners, and Salesforce team members.

Below are some key points we took away from our experience at Connections 22:

  • NFT Cloud is finally here! This cloud is meant for customers who are looking to digitize their products within the Metaverse. Retail brands like Crocs are using this mint and sell digital shoes.
  • CDP has 12 new AppExchange apps now available.
  • Account Engagement (Pardot) is adding conditional automations. This creates more personalization opportunities within the platform, creating a dynamic customer experience and synergy between sales and marketing efforts.
  • 88% of customers focus on experience vs product. The connectivity between Salesforce products like CRM + Account Engagement or Health Cloud + SFMC helps business address customers as a whole person.
  • Slack is the communication bridge for your internal teams as they navigate between multiple clouds.

For more detailed notes, check out my notes below where we share our thoughts from my top 3 favorite sessions.

Session 1: Building Trust in HLS

  • Provider focused
  • Live Demo Tech Stach
    • Health Cloud
    • SFMC
    • Journey Builder

Key Messages

  • Building Trust Recipe
    • Offer more services
    • Timely and tailored communications
    • Address the whole person

Business Challenge to solve

  • Retention
    • Combination of HC + SFMC tech stack used to solve the business challenge.
    • Hyper personalization increases retention.
    • Consumers want providers to know them.
  • Scale
    • Having the cloud match the strategy.
    • CDP helps better serve and builds trust

Clients’ Measure of Success

  • Completion of care plans.
  • Internal trust between IT and Marketing.

EMR Talk Track

  • People are more than their health data. HC allows you to track attributes that give a holistic picture of the person. This data is more usable than clinical data.
  • HC makes data actionable.

What consumers want to feel…

  • Heard
  • Individual connections

Client Notes

  • Good clean data and governance
  • Using best practices from retail and ecomm within HLS

Session 2: The Marketing Roadmap to WOW your Customers

  • 88% of customers focus on experience vs products


  • Cookieless future
  • Tighter budgets
  • Data privacy
  • Real-time engagement

Multi Cloud – 360 View, using next-generation of SFMC

CDP Current State

  • Identity resolution
  • Streaming data
  • Engagement SDK
  • Intelligence for engagement
  • Package Manager

CDP Future State

  • Partnerships w. Google Ads.
  • Triggered campaign messages
  • Intelligence Ecomm Insights
  • Digital Comand Center – Slack

Google Ads

  • Complete solution for marketers. Provides the 360 degree picture.
  • Durable 1st party data.

App Exchange

  • 12 partners launching CDP apps

Account Engagement – Current State

  • Email/landing page editor
  • External activities
  • Slack app
  • AI – Frequency/STO

Account Engagement – Future State

  • Automation update – conditional completion action (IF/OR statements)
  • External actions within Pardot
  • Instant email client previews
  • Enhanced slack connectivity

Live Demo

  • Key message was connecting CRM sales data to Pardot creating a unified front of sales/marketing efforts.

Session 3: Client Stories – Off the Grid – Account Engagement

Clients: Foctset/ Porex

Clients Previous Tech Stacks

  • Eloqua
  • Home grown CRM
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo

Client Challenges

  • “We needed more budget but couldn’t show the ROI with our data/reports”
  • CMS updates required a rip and replaced from Hubspot to Pardot
  • High priority for better reporting
  • Knowledge holder of eloqua/hubspot left the company and there was no one who could validate the continued spend.
  • Data was difficult to visualize.

Client Evaluation Process

  • “Is Salesforce going to be everything” – was a question they needed to validate internally.
  • Looking to eliminate manual labour
  • Looking to show ROI on marketing/sales efforts
  • Engagement studio was the most attractive in the demo.

Notes on Implementation

  • Standard Implementation packages allowed for the business to create multiple business units.
  • Clients needed more training than anticipated.
  • Saw value in scoring/grading/nurturing clients.
  • Forms are the biggest lift – this will impact scope and timelines
  • Client Readiness
    • The sentiment here was that their implementation partner anticipated that the client was fully prepared to execute when they were not.
    • Clients need expectations set much earlier in the cycle of what their implementation may look like from a cost and timeline perspective. This requires Partners to be brought into cycles early and often.

Lesson’s Learned

  • The client underestimated the Change Management that was required when moving from one tech stack to another.
    • Managed Services is an excellent solution to ensuring there is always a “Teacher” available for clients to utilize from a technical and strategic perspective.
  • The client underestimated the amount of training and retraining required. “Hands-on training would have been more helpful”
  • Client had a hard time communicating to their Partner what they needed out of their new instances. A more consultative approach would have assisted in unpacking the correct timeline and client expectations.

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