Your Salesforce Solution Experts

Trust us when we tell you, our heads are in the clouds!

At NuAge Experts, we live, eat, and breathe Salesforce. Our team of experts, with over 235 certifications among them, comes to you with deep technical and business experience. Many of our consultants have come from companies where they drove a digital transformation from within and understand the challenges that go alongside large projects rooted in the very processes that drive a business.
Each member of our team has a passion for driving sustainable change and rolling up their sleeves to get down and dirty in your Salesforce org. Our mission is to empower organizations to collaborate with each other and with their customers and partners by leveraging the Salesforce platform. The NuAge team prides itself on providing clients with a professional, fun, and transformative experience and we can’t wait to meet you!

We Care

At NuAge, we care about our clients, our colleagues and our communities. We know that by building each other up, we all succeed.

Take Pride

At NuAge, we take pride in all we do and it’s a direct reflection of our work, our accomplishments and our relationships with each other.

With Passion

We take it personally when things go well - and when things go bad. Our success is contingent on your success and we want to help you thrive. Everything from our conference calls to our solutions are done with passion and we want to bring you along for the ride!

Be Humble

We are all part of a team - the NuAge team, the Salesforce team, your company team - and we are not perfect. And that ensures we continue to be humble. But we aim to learn from our mistakes, lift each other up during tough times, and use that experience to learn, to grow and to bring better solutions to you.

Quirky Smart

You might find that your NuAge team has...unexpected traits. There is a little ‘Mad Scientist’ in all of us, but in this case, we feel that this quirky smart...that je ne sais quoi....quality helps us think outside the box and drive really cool solutions for your company!

It takes a team

We are a team of Salesforce Certified experts with deep technical and business experience. Our mission is to empower organizations to collaborate and work better with their customers, partners and colleagues using the entire Salesforce platform, to achieve improved productivity, profitability and value. We employ a transformative project methodology that leverages your vision and ensures focus, transparency and success, while minimizing cost and risk.
Jerry Adauto
Solutions Consultant
Lauren Armour Ake
Solutions Consultant
William Amos
Project Manager
Taylor Bacchus
Marketing Specialist
Guy Bickel
James Booth
Senior Solutions Consultant
Matt Bratton
Director of Development
Ian Brown
Jennifer Breeding
Engagement Manager
Adam Bundy
Support Consultant
Christine Burnham
Marketing Consultant
John Callender
Director of Delivery
Andy Carlson
Chief Marketing Officer
Ian Fletcher
Sales Consultant
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Vice President of Delivery
Sal Frisina
Sales Consultant
Chris Garland
Senior Project Manager
Darren Geary
Solutions Consultant
Michael Gold
Customer Success Manager
Gina Gravina
Senior Solutions Consultant
Amanda Halliday
Director of CPQ
Ray Harvey
Alex Haskins
Account Manager
Lesley Higgins
Marketing Consultant
Greg Houston
Data Team Lead
Myndi Ivey
CPQ Solutions Consultant
Kevin Keelan
Senior Sales Consultant
Chris Kelly
Senior Solutions Consultant
Eli Kiedrowski
Solutions Architect
JoEllen Koch
Office Manager
Nathan Koonce
Nate Littlefield
Solutions Consultant
Meredith Mitchell
CPQ Solutions Consultant
Brian Moore
Solutions Architect
LeeAnn Murphy
Delivery Manager
Annika Nissen
Sales Consultant
Leah Niu
Solutions Consultant
Jonathan Osgood
Delivery Manager
Jennifer Palese
Kristin Pepper
Kevin Rafiq
Project Manager
Kelsea Reinhard
Data Integration Specialist
Cate Robbie
Director of HR
Jason Robbie
Tim Schultz
Vice President of Sales
Dan Sherman
Melissa Sherman
Camilla Shymka
Sales Consultant
Krystle Solomon
Marketing Support Consultant
Julia Sterne
Project Manager/Solutions Consultant
Matthew Swanson
Senior Solutions Consultant
Ali Vance​
Director of Managed Services
Joe Vance
Solutions Architect
Erin Haven
Senior Solutions Consultant
Kirk Washburn
Vice President of Professional Services
Clint Wells​
Solutions Consultant
Brandon Wilson
Customer Success Consultant

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