Meet the innovative needs of the health industry with smarter and more predictive technology.

Health Cloud is the solution for healthcare organizations, who are increasingly expected to be connected to their patients with smart technology. While slow to innovate, the healthcare field is moving towards telemedicine and home health as the new trend in patient preferences. 

Virtual-care options are becoming increasingly more important when patients make decisions about service providers. A recent survey shows that 59% of patients would choose a primary care doctor who offers a patient app over one who does not and 70% of patients would choose virtual care for its convenience. The same survey also showed that 78% of wearable owners want to give their providers access to their wearable data and 67% of millennials would give wearable data to their insurance company to receive better rates. 

Health care does not stop when the patient leaves the hospital or the doctor's office. Health Cloud provides solutions to enhance and streamline the post-discharge process by improving communication between the doctor, the care team members, and the patient and the use of modern technology to manage health data across providers. Create patient journeys centered on engagement and satisfaction using the patient's history, unique problems, and goals.