Dreamforce 2022 Highlights: Slack and Salesforce Service Cloud

A look inside the new features and capabilities of the Digital HQ

by Gina Gravina

Slack and Service CloudFor the past few years, Salesforce has been building up what they call the Digital HQ, powered by Slack. I had the opportunity to attend a session on this very topic at Dreamforce, where the Slack team walked through the ways that the new Slack + Service Cloud empowers teams to collaborate from anywhere to solve customer concerns quickly and efficiently. Here are the highlights from the talk, as well as NuAge Experts’ perspective on how companies can use these new capabilities to their advantage.

Flattening Tiered Support

We’ve all heard about the power of “flat organizations” that prioritize performance and capabilities over team hierarchies. Slack Service Cloud with Slackis bringing that philosophy to Service Cloud by eliminating the tiered support model. Instead of a problem working its way up an escalation chain, service agents can pull in the right people directly into the Slack workflow to solve problems faster and with fewer handoffs. This type of support eliminates confusion and repetition and helps the customer feel supported throughout the entire service cycle.

Automated Workflows Streamline Productivity

Customer support workflows can be designed and executed through Slack and aren’t just limited to Service Cloud. The strongest feature of these workflows is that they can be cross-functional, stretching across teams and departments to complete tasks and trigger actions beyond the help desk.

Swarm in Slack

Manage unexpected incidents faster by swarming in Slack. Handling large-scale incidents on the fly is challenging, but Slack can bring critical team members together to resolve issues in real time. Again, rather than an escalation chain, Slack empowers teams to collaborate immediately to find the right solution while keeping customers updated on the status of the incident. Agents can even use Slack to stay ahead of critical issues, empowering them to anticipate needs and break down silos to ensure customers feel cared for and valued every step of the way.

Augment Performance with AI

Using Einstein in combination with Slack + Service Cloud can help augment service agent performance. Einstein can assist agents in three ways: providing timely, action suggestions while they’re speaking with a customer, resolving common questions and routine tasks to free up agents for higher-value work, and mining workflows and conversations to identify areas for automation or further training.

As tech capabilities increase, so do customer expectations. By building an action-oriented, centralized Digital HQ with Slack + Service Cloud, companies can offer enhanced levels of support while increasing productivity and improving performance. If you’re interested in learning how Slack + Service Cloud can augment your customer support, get in touch with our team of experts.

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