Salesforce Summer 2019 Update Highlights

Woot – it’s here. Salesforce’s Summer 2019 update has been hitting orgs this weekend and ours was upgraded last night.

If you haven’t checked out the release notes, you should give them a quick spin through. There are tons of new features but here are 3 of my favorites:

  • Enhanced Related Lists – You can now enable Enhanced Related Lists on a LEX Page and show up to 10 columns and up to 30 rows of data (way better than the 4 and 6 you had before) as well as bulk actions, sorting, etc. This will be a big one when we’re discussing clients needs in a requirements gathering stage.
  • Confetti – I know, seems silly but a really cool feature. When a user hits a new stage on a path you can define at which stage to celebrate – your users will be surprised with a little screen confetti. I might have enabled this somewhere in our org 🙂
  • Case Merging – You can now merge up to 3 cases at a time w/o the use of a third party product. Pretty cool for those Service Cloud engagements

These releases are a great functionality that we are implementing for our clients!

The author of this post is Guy Bickel, co-founder of NuAge Experts. Guy is Chief Technical Officer and is a Salesforce enthusiast.  

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