Dreamforce ‘22 Recap: Data is Mission Critical for Healthcare Organizations

Data architecture is giving future-focused healthcare organizations an edge and pushing them ahead of their competition. At Dreamforce, we attended a few sessions on how Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) leaders are leveraging Salesforce’s robust API integrations to achieve greater transparency, connection, and responsiveness for their healthcare applications. Several key priorities emerged that could help any HLS organization get a better handle on their data to deepen customer relationships and improve their operations:

Real-Time Data

When it comes to data, speed matters. AI is becoming more accessible and widespread, but supporting those insights with the most up-to-date data is critical. Integrations like Mulesoft can connect all of your applications with Salesforce, sharing data in real time across your entire business. For healthcare organizations that require accurate, up-to-date data to support patients, manage supply chains, and maintain equipment, the faster you can access and get insight from data, the better care you can provide.

For example, a real-time data connection can trigger a push

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notification at the nurses’ station when the pharmacy approves and dispenses a patient’s medicine. This eliminates unnecessary check-ins so the focus can remain on patient care.

Data Visibility

Efficiency is critical in healthcare, but data silos often slow down operations, leading to frustration for clients and staff. Better data visibility can close information gaps and improve experiences and outcomes. The more time providers and healthcare organizations can save, the more time they can dedicate to patients and clients. Further, the more data that providers and staff can access, the more informed and effective actions they can take.

For example, improving data visibility can help reduce waste when it comes to medical equipment and pharmaceutical inventory management.

Single Source of Truth

Creating a single source of truth for your data is critical to achieving maximum transparency, visibility, and collaboration. Patients and clients want seamless care and support, while healthcare teams, technicians, and researchers require data insights at their fingertips to perform demanding tasks.

But creating a single source of truth for data is about more than connecting every application. Each piece of technology must integrate logically into the whole, which makes thoughtful architecture and governance essential. Organizations need to design their data integration hubs with purpose and intention to ensure that every application communicates effectively to support their operations.

Healthcare organizations should build their digital applications and operations in a way that supports scalability and flexibility for the future.

Ready to learn more? Many of the Healthcare sessions we attended are available on-demand on Salesforce+. Check out these great sessions:

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