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Takeaways from the 2Q17 Denver User Group Meeting

April 12, 2017

It was an honor to have such a captive audience for the Denver User Group 2Q17 meeting, and to be a panelist for today’s Q&A on Salesforce’s Lightning Experience with @brentdowney and Jen Luna of Bluewolf (two Salesforce rockstars!). One clear takeaway from today’s conversation, there is lots of interest in the Lightning Experience, and almost everyone in the room seemed to be considering it at a minimum. Key points to highlight from today’s conversation:

Lightning only features are really cool
We love the latest release features which include: Favorites List, Publisher Actions & the Utility Bar. We also like some of the older Lightning only features like Kanban views, send email from any object, and charts for List Views.

Lightning covers 90% of the functionality classic does
While it has taken several release to get there, Lightning is now almost completely comparable to Classic functionality. Functionality that is missing still includes manual sharing, enabling community users and field history. One cool thing that came to light was a package of lightning components called Daydreaming Lightning Bundle bring a lot of those Classic only feature into Lightning.

Lightning Components are cool too
Lightning components are cool not only because we can control access to them based on profiles, but you can make them App specific. An example we gave is a Project Manager might want a TaskRay Component on an Account Page Layout that shows tasks for that Account record, however Sales doesn’t need to see that component. You can make the Lightning Component visible to your Project Manager App and not visible for your Sales App, controlling visibility at the App level instead of Profile. Pretty cool!

Are you a currently using Classic and thinking of transitioning to Lightning? Know that you have tons of resources available. One that was highlights at today’s meet was the Roll Out Lightning Experience Trailhead module, which includes an enablement pack full of resources like test plans, gap analysis and an executive summary template.

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