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Pardot Advanced Dynamic Content In Your Website

October 8, 2016

Pardot’s Advanced Dynamic Content feature is super useful in injecting personalized content into emails and landing pages. But did you know you can also render Dynamic Content in your (externally hosted) web pages as well?

There are only three requirements (besides your Dynamic Content) to make this work:

  • Pardot Tracking Code on your external website (sorry, you can’t apply Dynamic Content to someone else’s website!)
  • Your Viewer is cookied from a previous interaction (Email Click, Form Submission, etc.)
  • You have Pardot Pro or Ultimate

Pardot’s Dynamic Content feature allows you to evaluate values in both Standard and Custom Prospect Fields, as well as Score and Grade to optimize content based on those values.

For example, for the Industry Field, you can display a completely different HTML section (text, images, Variable Tags) based on the value in a Prospect’s record. If “Banking”, display <some content>, if “Tech” display <some other content>, etc. You can define 25 variations per Dynamic Content item.

In the example below, I’ve set a default value in the event a Prospect doesn’t have data in that Field, or the data that they do have, doesn’t match any of the variations.

Once I’ve created my Dynamic Content item, you’ll want to generate the Embed Code for your website. This is javascript that you place where you want the Dynamic Content to appear.

Now paste each Dynamic Content Embed Code into your website code. This site has Pardot tracking code applied, right?

Now paste each Dynamic Content Embed Code into your website code. This site has Pardot tracking code applied, right?

But when a cookied Prospect with matching criteria hits the website, magic happens! Here you can see my Field values in Territory and Industry match Dynamic Content I’ve defined in Pardot.

This is obviously a simple use case for demonstration, but you can use Advanced Dynamic Content all over your website to personalize a Prospect’s experience.

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