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Nurture Campaigns for Opportunity Stages

April 14, 2016

How to use Salesforce – Pardot integration to use Opportunity Stage as an automatic nurture campaign feeder.

Along the lines of how can Marketing positively impact Sales, here is a short use case example of where we can use Pardot to help the Sales team be more “touchy” during the opportunity life ycle.

Granted Sales is in control at this stage of the game, but there’s often canned or stock messaging that can and should go out to the prospect during the buying process, that we can automate through Pardot.

This type of drip campaign is meant to compliment the sales conversation by educating the buyer at this stage of the cycle, and to stay top of mind – particularly when the cadence between stages can be long.

Here’s how to setup a nurture campaign that kicks off when a Prospect enters a specific Opportunity stage, and shuts off when they advance to the next stage. You can daisy chain these together to have nurture campaigns along the entire opportunity cycle if you’d like.

First, ensure your team is using the Opportunity Stage and Probability Fields in Salesforce. Standard, out of the box Salesforce has these Stage values – you can tailor these to your cycles and needs.

Note the Opportunity Stage Name value for your Pardot Automation Rule.

In Pardot, create a new Automation Rule, as shown below. For the Match Type, select “Prospect Opportunity Default Field”, “Stage” “is” “Opportunity Stage Name”. We are evaluating for any Prospects whose value becomes this value (indicated by a toggling of that Stage in Salesforce).

For the Actions, select “Add Prospect to List”, and choose your List that will feed the nurture campaign. It’s a good idea to create the List in advance! If the Prospect is potentially in another nurture campaign list (like the previous stage), here, you’d want to remove them, so they don’t continue in the old nurture campaign.

Here’s an example of a short, 3 email drip with evaluations on clicks to notify the Sales person of activity. These can be short and informative (not salesy) emails that help the Prospect in their buying process.

We’ve added a last step, “Remove from the List” after completion just to ensure a clean exit before the next potential nurture campaign.

Once you’ve activated the Automation Rule and Nurture Campaigns, Prospects meeting the specific criteria will enter, pass through and exit the nurture campaign based on their Opportunity Stage value.

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